"Make-up, the wings of beauty!"

 - Eliane Paulino

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Eliane Paulino is an international make-up artist and stylist based in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Born and raised in Brazil, she has always found great passion in the arts. When she moved to Europe in 1991 and completed her Master of Fine Arts at Düsseldorfer Kunstakademie, she started exhibiting her work on international platforms in 2002.


Her dedication to the arts led her to working as a make-up artist at Schminktopf in Cologne. Her natural sense to work with any colors and shapes made the world of fashion, photographers, magazines and actors soon cherish Eliane Paulino's talent. Founding Makeup-Affair in 2015, she continues to serve clients with the utmost professionalism, great friendliness and her very cooperative manner. She also offers wedding couples in and around Düsseldorf her valuable services. Click here to see her work for her recent brides and grooms. 

Eliane Paulino /Artwork piece

Hairstyling Examples

Making of Bridal Make-up & Styling

Studio_work Making of

Studio_work Making of

Designer: Sofia Beilharz

Making of Photos: Makeup-Affair bei Eliane Paulino (click here to see more)

Photography:  Ariane Gehlert

Making of Campaign Shoot for CAP carpets & plaids

Photography by Christina Louise Photography (Click here to see more)

Making of Styled Shoot in Bonn

Photography by Christina Louise Photography (Click here to see more)

Studio_work Making of